Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I’m depressed, wedding woes

My parents are getting a divorce, they’ve been married 28 years and the year of my wedding they decide to split. I shouldn’t act selfish, but I am, this is my year. Because of this, everything is fragmenting.

My mom’s best friend Heather is someone I’ve loved and cared for my entire life. She doesn’t agree with my Mom, and wants nothing more to do with her which saddens me, a lot. I’m going to miss her family and their friendship. And it really sucks that this is all happening right before my big day, because I really wanted her and her family to be there. I remember back in August when my mom and I were planning the wedding she said something like “as long as Heather makes it, then I’m happy” and now it looks like that’s not going to happen.

Also, my brother and his girlfriend (whom I really like) are not doing so hot. I wanted her to be a bridesmaid at my wedding, but the broke up yesterday for the second time, and I think that it might be best if the split. That is fine, I want my brother to be happy, but this is all happening at once. So I lost two bridesmaids, and I’m down to three (which is fine, but it does make me sad).

My wedding guest list has shrunk, by about 20% which means we might be too small for the larger room at the Ahwahnee. We can still be in the larger room, but we still need to reach our minimum, which is a huge number, and paying that much for a small party is a lot of money. I wish my guest list would grow again, and then this all wouldn’t be such a problem.

E is angry, I am hurt, and everything is cracking. We both want this to be our year, but it has turned out that everyone had other things on their mind, and the wedding is more an inconvenience than a celebration. Shit.

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