Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm an old fart

25, it seems so old. I know its not, but I'm really not a kid anymore. It is crazy, I always wanted to get married when I was 25 (okay, I admit, when I was 12 I told everyone that I was going to marry at 30) and this is the year I will marry. Wow!

This last year has been a huge one for me, HUGE. I took my first international trip and paid for the entire thing myself, I got engaged in Africa to the man of my dreams, I had a relapse of anxiety (but am all better now, thank God!), my parents got worse worse and worse, until they decided to divorce. My mom bought her first house alone and is moving out next weekend. I dealt with the death of my kitty Smudge, found a new kitty Boo and dealt with her death too, I have planned my entire wedding with only E because my family has had many other things on their mind, all within the last year.

However, I am happy. E and I are planning our honeymoon, we decided on Northern Italy! We will go next September. E’s family has been wonderful, and I’m growing closer to them all the time, and my wedding plans are coming along without any major headaches.

So, here is a list of what I got for my birthday:
Gift Certificate to Home Depot from my dad so I can plan my garden this spring, he says this is the year of “new growth!”
Beautiful placemats, salt and pepper shakers, and a tin bird from my mom
Tanning lotion from my sis (so I can look hella hot this summer)
A beautiful doll dress from E’s family, one that I asked for!
Lots of doll things from E. I put a list together, and he got me everything I wanted, he is so wonderful.

So, now I’m off to sushi lunch (my pick because it’s my birthday!) Til next time…

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