Friday, June 20, 2008

Chandler update, a little more info

Things are not going well. Chandler is not improving as much as we all hoped. A little overview, Chandler is on some medicine for ADHD and depression, and has been on some of these pills for most of his life. Anyone that knows Chandler knows that he was a funny kid. For a long time he didn't talk, and we thought he was deaf. Then when he got a little older he cried and cried. This kid could cry like a pro. He could tantrum and carry-on for hours. Well now he is going through puberty and his hormones are all messed up, and the meds that he is on have not been sitting well.

The doctors and Primary Children's think it what Chandler is experiencing is some sort of drug induced psychosis. They hope to have whatever is in his system will be out by week end, but over the last few days things have not been better.

Chan is hallucinating, thinking people are trying to trick him or sneak up on him. Every time we tell him there is nothing going on, he gets angry and tells us to stop lying. He paces, goes from really angry to really loving withing 10 seconds, and doesn't understand what is going on. He finally admitted to my dad that he is scared.

So today he is going to another doctor. We want to figure this out ASAP. The doctors and Primary said he would be back to normal soon, but "soon" isn't soon enough.

I hope things get better, and quickly.

This photo of me, Brandon and Chandler was taken Sunday night at the Father's Day BBQ. On early Monday morning Chandler started to hallucinate, so only hours after this was taken. Scary, huh?

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  1. Good luck, Jess. Things will work out. I have a friend on about 16 different medications that really whacked him out for awhile too, but eventually doctors will figure it out. I hope "soon" comes quickly!


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