Thursday, May 07, 2015

Honolua Bay and the North Shore

On our third day in Maui, after a full morning playing and snorkeling at the beach, we decided to head up to the north shore. We didn't have a lot planned, other than to explore and check out the Nakalele blowhole. We had no idea what to expect.

What we found was one of our favorite outings the entire trip.

Only fifteen minutes from our hotel the road starting winding precariously along the coastline. Huge bluffs led steeply down to the roaring ocean. Everyone was in awe at the immense beauty.
We wound up high along the bluffs and down low into dense rainforest. Every two minutes the climate and scenery changed. One second we were in the middle of sugar cane fields, the next we were on a rocky bluff and the next we were surrounded by the most beautiful forests any of us has ever seen.
We found a little pull out, with a spot for a few cars and a port-a-potty and decided to explore. We had no plan in mind, no real idea where the path led (it was headed towards the ocean, so we knew that), and no commitments that we needed to make later in the day. It was the best type of travel.

Hand painted sings were everywhere. Hawaii doesn't allow the type of signage other states have, so these funny and informative hand painted signs were around every bend.
In Utah we don't have the huge trees that other areas have, and we miss it. Trying to show the scale of this forest was tricky, but the trees were HUGE and humming with insects, birds, and heavy with fruit. Flowers where everywhere and the entire forest smelled like tropical guavas. Heaven.
Each turn we took along the path was more magical than the last. It felt like a fairyland.
This one was pestering me, which of course meant lost of natural and happy smiles.
Finally, after returning to the hotel, we discovered we had hiked to Honolua Bay, which apparently is one of the best places to snorkel and see turtles. Neat! We will be back. Just the walk through the forest was worth it!
There was a large stream that ran along the trail and emptied into the ocean here, and letting the kids get their feet wet was a must.

Thank you nice stranger for offering to take a family photo.
Gah, the golden light was killing it.

Back in the car we continued on and found the blowhole, which was really awesome to watch. As the waves hit the rocks the blowhole would shoot sea water over 50ft. into the air. This guy was LOVING it.

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  1. We hiked to Honalua Bay on our first trip to Maui--on a whim too! Just beautiful! That second picture you posted makes me long for it all over again. Cant wait for more posts!


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