Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Whale watching in Maui

Humpback whales are usually on their way to Alaska by the end of April, after spending their winter in Hawaiian waters mating and raising their young.

We were thrilled to learn there were still a few drifters hanging around Maui, and whale watching cruises were still guaranteeing whale sightings (or the trip is free)!

A little hint of a rainbow at the horizon was a sure sign of luck.
As we set off we were told to look for blowholes, tails or anything peculiar.
Lots of beautiful ocean to watch.
It was rainy on Maui but sunny out to sea. Looking back to the island was quite beautiful.
This little explorer wasn't so sure about the rocking boat at the beginning.
Soon we spotted something! And sure enough! Three whales. A mother and calf and an escort, which is a male that sticks with the mother hoping to mate with her before their long journey to Alaska.
Watching these huge animals dive and surface over and over again for well over an hour was beyond amazing.
I slowly lowered my waterproof camera into the water off the boat and caught this image. Ha! Not. Thank you Google images for the next three photos. 
Seeing a whale breach (jump out of the water and splash back into it) is a special treat, one which we didn't get to see unfortunately. *Not my photo.
 These animals are so spectacular. I adore whales.
The kids loved this rope hitch on the bow. They thought it was the steering wheel and spent a long time steering the ship back to shore.
We ended the morning with a late seaside brunch and shopping in town. Vacations are the best.

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