Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Lahaina Maui

Most days in Maui started simply, playing on the beach while the sun rose. Then we'd head off to an activity we'd been eagerly awaiting, either a waterfall drive, a particular beach, or the Road to Hana. But nights almost always ended in Lahaina.

Lahaina is super charming, full of old buildings and a tiny main street hugging the ocean. Most restaurants have ocean views and snow cone stands dot the roadway.
One thing we wanted to see in downtown Lahaina was the famous banyan tree. This tree is massive, covering a quarter mile, and has 16 main trunks. Huge limbs stretch vertically for ages, before another trunk merges with the ground below.
 In the center of the tree you really can't tell how massive it is.
 These roots that draped off the limbs down to the ground had the kids entranced.
 Low sun, rainbow flares and magical trees. I was happy.
I really struggled to do this tree any justice in photos. But all those long limbs stretch over the entire quarter mile park, and notice how if they get too long a new trunk grows down. And see all the roots hanging from the tree like vines? Amazing.

I couldn't get over this spot. The light was so gold, the roots were so interesting and different than anything we have back home. I just kept snapping away.
 The Pioneer Inn we ate at more than once. The ocean view and old Whaler's theme were fantastic.
The sunsets from Lahaina were out of this world. Every night we got a huge Hawaiian shaved ice and sat on the ground looking towards the ocean, watching another day slip slowly away.
The Hawaiian shaved ice, I could go on and on at how amazing they were. AMAZING. We couldn't get enough. Nothing like the ones back home, better. Way better.
 Sunset smiles.
 Goodness. I loved this town. I told E over and over that I absolutely loved Lahaina.
 Rainbow shaved ice, every night for the kids.
 Watching the boats, the sunset, the city. We were living every moment to its fullest.
 More shaved ice please!
 Goodness, Maui, you are missed.

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