Sunday, May 17, 2015

Iao Valley {Maui}

Iao Valley State Park was a fantastic mini activity one afternoon. I say mini activity because there were only two short walking trails (we would have loved more hiking trails in this amazing region) but it was perfect to break up the beach days and enjoy the lovely green scenery.

It was amazing. Beyond beautiful. We were hoping to swim in the river since I remember that fondly from when I was there as a kid, but the air was a touch cool and the kids weren't intent on swimming.

Still, such a fantastic afternoon.

Everything was covered with moss and tiny ferns. It reminded me so much of Japan. There were even areas that the air smelled like Japan. These concrete steps looked like they belonged in a temple in the jungle somewhere.

This little bunny was happy to tease me in exchange for a smile.

Juliet loves rivers.
No huge waterfalls but plenty to keep this waterfall loving kiddo happy.
Are you sick of Maui posts yet? I am. ;)

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  1. Connie12:32 PM

    One of my favorite places in Maui! And no, I am not tired of your photos and never will be. It's vicarious visiting!


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