Monday, December 21, 2015

More Christmas Fun!

There are SO MANY things to do before Christmas, sometimes you just have to lump them all into one big friendly pile, right? One afternoon we went to Trolly Square to visit our favorite Santa. He's FREE which makes it the best Santa of the bunch.

Both kids were terrified. James a bit less so than Juliet. Juliet wouldn't even look at him. The photo above? She only looked at the camera because she had the promise of a candy cane after.

Another night we made it down to Temple Square to see the lights. Oh they are more beautiful every year.

And one Saturday we went over to my mom's for her annual cookie day. Look at my little elves!
Her kitchen has the most beautiful natural light, I'm always so tempted to just curl up in there and never leave.
 Us! Together! First photo in, maybe a year?
There were lots of cookies baked, but the highlight of the afternoon was seeing these two play with their aunts and uncles. They are both crazy about "Uncle Underwear."
These two mostly wanted to color with markers than help with any baking. They did, however, sample all the cookie dough. 
Cookie making group. All my siblings in one room at a time! It's a Christmas miracle. And the topics of discussion are so dirty and hilarious I can not post here. This is a family blog. But we were all dying. 
 Lots and lots of cookies. This is only a select few.

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