Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Dinner

For the third year in a row, we've smoked turkeys and hosted a huge family gathering on Christmas Day. It is stressful to host a big family party when it looked like a bomb went off in our living room, but it is quite nice to not have to travel and let everyone come to us.

We try for open house style, where people can come and go as they wish, but apparently we host a great party, because nearly everyone was there for the entire thing.
This kid's forced smile is my fave. It's so... ummm? It's just so him!
I have a few tricks to almost always get a real smile from her. She always smiles when telling me about certain things. ;)

This was only about half the party!
Love this one of James and Nana.
Lots of blurry happiness.
E's brother and his wife, my brother and his girl friend.
SUCH a fun party.
And as always, E's smoked turkey stole the show. It was AMAZING!

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