Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow hike with the kids

The last day before E's winter holiday started I decided to take the kids on a little solo hike in the snow. These two adore the snow so much, that I knew if it didn't get too deep we'd be fine. Little did I know how deep it actually was!

Back at home we had had a huge storm earlier in the week but warm weather melted most off of our lawn. But Temple Quarry Trail still lay thick with beautiful white untouched powder. And the kids were in heaven. Stomping through the deepest of it, hurling snowballs at my head and laughing with glee whenever they hit their target.

An amazingly fun time was had by all.

Such deep powder! Snowshoes may be in order next Christmas.

So many photos of him chasing me with a snowball!
Winter wonderland to the extreme.

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