Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh, and another couple things...

Harry Potter! Big news in the Harry Potter world, for all of those crazies out there (like me) that follow Harry Potter like a religion already know, the cover of book #7 was released yesterday, here is the US edition:

To see the UK child and adult version (which are very worth seeing!) go to the Mugglenet link on the right.

Also, if you care about the Harry Potter movies (which I like, but don't LOVE like the books) there is news on that front, Dan, Emma and Rupert signed a contract to finish out the series. For those who don't follow this saga, there was worry that the kids were getting "too old" to play Harry and his friends, but fans really didn't want them to find new actors, me included. So I'm happy the current actors we love and adore are sticking around.

Last but not least, there is big news in the Playmobil world (Playmobil is an awesome 'classic' toy from Germany. I have loved and collected Playmobil since I was a tyke), there are new Micro Playmobil sets!!!

You ask, why so excited? Well anybody that knows me well knows I LOVE toys, and the smaller the better. So, check this out: the kids are about two inches tall, which means the ark, and the animals are tiny!! Damn, I'm excited!

To see the other three sets in the series, go here: Playmobil Micro

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