Friday, May 11, 2007

Picnic lunch and evening hikes

Oh, the joys of summer.

It has really started to feel like summer here in Utah for the past few days. It has been warmer than average (high 80s most days), however I am loving it. The evenings are light and the afternoons are warm.

Wednesday night E, David, and I went on a little night hike. We decided to go up Ferguson Canyon as the sun set. It was beautiful. The river was rushing, the air was pleasant, and it felt so good to be out of the house.

Then just today E and I decided to have a picnic at a park near my office. I ran over to Quiznos and he picked me up with some homemade iced tea, and we headed up to the park with a blanket, my camera, and our lunch.

I just wish I could stay this temperature all summer. I love the mid 80s, but by the time it is in the upper 90s, I want to die.

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