Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update on my poor feetsies...

Well my feetsies are still in pain. I miscounted on the trail, and there are acutally 13 open sores on my feet, two of which are about the size of a quarter (gross, I know). Anyway, slowly but surly they are starting to feel a little better. It still hurts to submerge them in water, and they hurt like mad and are swollen by day end, however, after a lot of ice and a lot of ibuprofen, they are starting to feel a bit better. I sure hope the fully heal soon, it's no fun limping around.

Another update, E and I are going to an Italian cooking class tonight! E got me a pass to the cooking class for Valentines 2006, and we have yet to use it. The one we signed up for was canceled, then there weren't any for awhile, then schedules didn't work, then nothing looked interesting, and so on. So 1.5 years later, I am finally going to celebrate Valentines with my hubby. I'm quite excited, we are going to be learning all about pasta.

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  1. Yaay! for the cooking class! I bet you had the best time ever! Hope your feet are better soon!


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