Monday, June 04, 2007

Wine and pasta

The cooking class E and I took last week was so fun! We went to a class called Pasta, Pasta, Pasta at Tony Caputo's, hosted by Tony himself. We showed up a few minutes before the class started and got prime seats right up front. Tony was already being silly, and talking about Italy. We watched Tony cook six dishes as we learned about pasta, Italian sausage, wines, fresh seafood, and everything else. He chatted about Italy, and funny stories.

I didn't learn a lot, per se, but I gathered a few new recipes, and found out why the specialty pasta does truly taste better (it is all in the bronze cut). We also got a chance to eat all that was cooked, so I have a few new favorites. Each recipe tasted truly Italian (none of those American sauces).

E really went out of his way to get me something so special for Valentines, even though it took us 18 months to use the gift. We really had a fun time, and are now thinking about what other classes we can attend in the near future.

Also, on another note, my sister-in-law Chelsea has a blog now! I'm going to add a link to the right.


  1. The class was so fun! I have to say I am a pasta snob now, the bronze cut air dried just tastes so good!

    I am glad I can leave comments now!

  2. Baby, you are sweet. You are a pasta snob, a honey snob, a tea snob, a pencil snob, an outdoor gear snob, the list goes on and on...


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