Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Farmhouse Getaway

E and I went down to the farmhouse last weekend for a wonderful relaxing getaway. E's Mom and sister joined us, and we had a great time taking long naps, driving to the nearby towns, reading Harry Potter, and playing dolls. E and I even went to the drive in. The Basin Drive In is a treat, one of the oldest drive in movie theaters in the US, it was actually moved from the Uinta Basin to Mount Pleasant Utah. We try to go to the drive in at least once a summer, but are not willing to watch a bad movie just to enjoy the drive in experience, well we were in luck. Ocean's 13 was playing last weekend, a movie that has received good reviews, and something E and I wanted to see. Well the movie didn't disappoint, and the warm summer breeze and the smell of hamburgers coming into the open car windows was the essence of summer.

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