Sunday, June 10, 2007

A busy weekend

It seems like E and I have done more in this weekend than we've done in the last two years. Here is a list of some of things we've done:

Celebrated Chuck's birthday on Friday night (my Mom's boyfriend)
Cooked steaks for Chuck
Enjoyed an overnight trip to Park City
Played in the hot tub in Park City on Friday, then at our condo hot tub on Saturday
Walked up and down Main Street in Park City and enjoyed a great lunch
Took a long nap
Cooked dinner for Ben and drank too many of E's special margaritas
Slept in
Cleaned up the entire storage room in our house, and hung some shelves on the walls
Visted IKEA (again)
Visited Costco, and I got myself a brand new camera! (photos to come), and ate too many tasty samples
Visted my Grandma for cocktail hour
Hung out with E's family while a family friend is in town

Even writing this list makes me tired!

On another note, my good friend Ashley has started a blog. She even devoted the first entry to me (thanks Ash!), so please check it out.

Goodbye, I'm off to the hot tub with friends for the third time this weekend...

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