Thursday, June 28, 2007

Up the moutain and back

E and I are out of shape. We go to the gym, we work out, but not enough. Well last night we decided to do some 'training' for a Grand Teton backpacking trip we hope to do in about a month. Well after three hours of hiking at a fairly quick pace we realized that we are still horribly out of shape.

The views were pretty though:

Carpet of ferns and dead logs


Sun getting lower in the sky as E and I get higher on the mountain

As we were hiking we saw a tiny little bird fly out of the underbrush, this usually means that she is ground nester with a nest, and possibly babies! We carefully looked through some branches, and sure enough, we saw a tiny nest on the ground with four teeny tiny babies in it. Each were only about the size of a quarter.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we walked back down the trail

As the sun got lower in the sky the sunset turned deep red. It almost looked like the forest was on fire, it was beautiful. You can see our trail in the foreground.

Oh, and one more note: on the trail down I was craving s'mores for some reason. We still had all the stuff at home from the weekend at the cabin. Once I got home I placed the cracker, chocolate and marshmallow in the microwave. When my back was turned E started laughing and pointing. Mabel (one of our three kitties) decided that the marshmallows looked good. I guess she stuck her head in the bag, grabbed one, and took off before I even knew what happened. It is a good think E saw her, I don't want a cat with cavities. We were laughing about how bad she is all night.

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