Friday, March 07, 2008

Top ten reasons I love about camping

My friend Naina and I decided to both do a blog on what we loved about camping. It is getting to be camping season here in Utah, and I can hardly wait. I love camping almost as much as I love my kitties. So, here they are the top ten reasons I love it so-

10. Cooking outdoors. It is odd to admit, but I really don't mind cooking in the great outdoors. Plus, food tastes better somehow when camping, ya know?
9. Peeing in the woods, sorry, I like it. I guess I'm weird.
8. Seeing and hearing wild animals! Once when I was a kid a skunk would visit our campsite every night, it was really neat.
7. Walks at dusk
6. Going without a shower and makeup (and having a good excuse!)
5. Exploring around the campsite. When I was a kid I LOVED this, while my parents would set up camp the kids would explore. Now that I'm an adult I have to explore once camp is set up, but it is just as fun!
4. Being outside all day long.
3. Sleeping outside, especially when you can look up and see the stars and hear the crickets.
2. Building a fire and making banana boats. (Banana boats are bananas, marshmallows and chocolate wrapped in tinfoil until the entire thing bakes, and it is so yummy!)
1. Waking up to the sound of birds and the fresh air. This is not only the best thing about camping, it is one of the best things in life!


  1. Banana boats are pretty tasty.

    Peeing in the woods in dreadful. Yes, you are weird.


  2. Chelsea, don't dis it until you try it! ;)

  3. What do you think I did while on the evil GS river trip? It was tons of fun to have pee running down my leg while a bunch of boy scouts tried to watch.

    So much fun!


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