Monday, July 06, 2009

Brunch to celebrate

Every year E and I celebrate our anniversary by going up to Alta Lodge for brunch. Although or anniversary isn't until Thursday, we decided to celebrate early, since next weekend we'll be out of town.

Alta brunch was a tradition my parents had when they were married. Every year near the end of June they would go up to Alta to celebrate. E and I decided to keep up the tradition for our own marriage. It is great fun and something we look forward to all year.

The brunch is mostly comprised of a salad bar. Not like a lettuce and tomato salad bar, instead about 20 finished beautiful salads all lined up. My favorites are the seaweed salad, the crab and pineapple salad, the bread salad, the insalata caprese, the curry cauliflower salad and the seafood salad. Also there is an entire hot buffet that has eggs, bacon, potatoes, curry, rice and cheese blintzes. From the kitchen you can order waffles, scones, eggs benedict or eggs florentine. E and I are both in 7th heaven up there. The food is to die for, as well as the view.

Happy 3rd Anniversary! As far as presents go, this year the traditional list says leather or crystal. We are still at somewhat of a loss of what to get, but we have some ideas. I'll update on the presents later.


  1. Ethan2:37 PM

    mmm... I am hungry for Alta Brunch! It was a great weekend!

  2. Wow, you are making me hungry with those pics. And you look wonderful, I wouldn't even be able to tell that you are pregnant if I saw you on the street.


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