Thursday, July 30, 2009

Asian Garden

I have mentioned before on my blog that E and I love the look, simplicity and design of Japanese gardens. When we were in Japan it really cemented it for us; we wanted to come home and design an Asian garden of our own.

Now this is a work in process. First, we only could afford so much this year. Also, lots of these tiny plants are going to be huge in years to come, so we didn't want to over plant. And finally, we only had enough man power to get to this stage this year. Next year we have other projects in mind, so that will be fun.

I mentioned in the backpacking post that the light looked so beautiful the other morning, I decided to grab my camera and take a few photos. I hope you enjoy.

1. Our path and moss. One day the moss will fill in. So pretty!
2. Our stone lantern is set up on a hill in the yard.
3. Our dry river winds around and ends near the bench under the trees.

Behind the stones do you notice the bamboo? It is small now, but growing!
Buddha finds enlightenment under our maple trees.
1. Day lilies are so nice in the garden. Even the green grassy leaves add a nice touch.
2. Our pots have exploded with color. E says they are his favorite potted plants yet, and I've been planting pots for six years.

I tease E and say our veggie garden is on steroids. In reality, we just have a really really sunny spot. What is my best tip for growing veggies? LOTS of sunshine.
This year we planted 3 Sweet 100s tomato plants. They are awesome. Each is huge, and I wouldn't be surprised if each plant produces 200 grape tomatoes. And just like the name states, they are so sweet!


  1. How did you do this! It looks great! We need idea in our yard. ;)

  2. I love it! It looks so pretty and peaceful (and GREEN!!) Hey, you're looking cute with a little belly! Sorry I didn't see you while I was in Utah. I really wanted to, but was busy doing things just about the whole time I was in SLC. I love reading your blog and knowing what's going on in your life.

  3. Hayden9:39 AM

    WOW ! the garden looks amazing


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