Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot summer weekend

E and I decided to stay home this weekend after being out of town only the weekend before. We were excited for the heat to finally be here; I was itching to do a Provo river float, but E was more intent on a day at Raging Waters.

Friday night we went to Tipica with my Grandma to celebrate E's birthday. We just love celebrating with her, and couldn't wait to tell her more Grand Canyon details, since she was the one that made it all possible.

On Saturday we hung around for most of the day and then met our friends Logan and Brooke at Raging Waters for a night pass. It worked out well, for half the price we could enter the park at 4:00. By then most of the lines were gone, people were leaving and the heat of the day was still upon us. I called the doc before heading to the water park to get the all clear, and so for the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed slides, tubes and really refreshing water. Afterwards we all went to Rio Grand, one of our favorite SLC restaurants. We sat on the patio, ordered chips, cheesy Mexican food and enjoyed the summer night.

Yesterday E and I decided to take a mountain drive. We wanted to explore East Canyon, one of the canyons we are not as familiar with. The drive was hot and beautiful. On the way back home be stopped to see a moose cooling off in a nearby lake. I wished I could jump in alongside him, it was wicked hot!

Do you see a tiny black speck in the lake?
The sweet male moose was too hot for a July afternoon and decided to take a swim.
Last night my family got together to celebrate my mom's birthday. We all went over to her house where she and Chuck made a fantastic dinner. Everyone was so excited to see me because I'm looking more and more pregnant these days. My tummy seems bigger each day, and in the last week I've started to feel Baby November kick! He loves Mexican food (starts kicking even if we mention it!) and staying up late. Every night around 11:00 pm he is very active. Can't wait to meet the little guy.

My Grandma, me (with baby bump apparent!), Melissa and my cousin Taylor.
Here is the group in my mom's backyard. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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