Monday, July 06, 2009

Picnic in the park

E and I stayed so busy at home over the long holiday weekend. I'll make a few more posts about the weekend but we did an entire list of things including having a potluck in the park with our friends, seeing the movie UP, having a family BBQ with E's family for the 4th, having anniversary brunch in the canyon and spending an afternoon at the local pool swimming. It was fantastic, and very summery.

The BBQ in the park got off to a rocky start, we weren't sure about the weather so we weren't sure where we wanted to hold the BBQ. We finally decided on Murray Park because it was close enough to our house in case of rain. Plus, nearly half our guest list canceled, and Mike cut his thumb making his famous guacamole and needed stitches.

However, the party went on and the weather was perfect! Mike showed up a little late with sodas and three stitches. We all had a fantastic time around our little picnic table in the park. Justin and Becky brought tons of things: chips, sausages, watermelon, grapes and berries. E and I made a new chili con queso dip with chips and Brooke and Logan brought oven roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes.

After dinner we moved over to a large area of lawn and most people played frisbee for a few hours. Those of us that didn't want to play (Brooke, Suzy and I) sat on a picnic blanket chatting and enjoying the first evening of the year to feel like summer. Perfect!

Afterwards we decided to play poker at our house. Our house was only a minute from Murray Park so it worked out wonderfully. Logan was the big winner of the night bringing home nearly $6.00.

Becky and Justin finish the sausages on our little camp stove.
E makes a spectacular frisbee catch in the park.
As the moon comes us E and Justin play frisbee on the top of the hill.
And back at our house playing poker. As you can see, David joined us at this point.

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