Friday, January 24, 2014

Overnight my baby has grown

Sometimes as a parent, things seem to last forever. Those sleepless nights when a newborn, sick days stuck at home, and kids refusing anything other than their favorite food.

And other times, seemingly overnight, babies grow up. Toddlers vanish and turn into kids. And one day these kids will morph into teens right before my eyes.

It is amazing to watch.

Juliet, my baby, is suddenly not a baby anymore.

Over the last two weeks her language, her body moments, her desires and ideas, her hair, everything has changed.

I will talk about more specifics in her 24 month update, but my gosh! All of a sudden I don't have a baby anymore.

She's big. And beautiful. And opinionated. And awesome.

And look how much she's changed in a single year. I took these photos less than a year ago in the same spot (only ten months) and the difference in night and day. Bye bye babyhood. Hello big kid. 
AND, another then and now. 

As I looked at that photo of Juliet above, with the solemn face, I remembered I had a photo like that of me, at almost the same age. The likeness is uncanny. 

Juliet, almost two.

Me, almost two.

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