Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Winter colds

For the entire Christmas holiday not a single person in my family was sick. This is miraculous because we go to a lot of places that breeds germs (kids + indoors + winter = sickness).

But our luck didn't last, because winter in Utah means one thing: being sick much of the time.

So while Juliet and I are sneezing and blowing our noses ever few moments, James and E are over it. Luckily one of my kids inherited E's amazing immune system (seriously! A cold for E is a single day of slight congestion, while for me it's five to ten days of misery). I so wish Juliet had gotten this from her Daddy too, but alas, she is my sick buddy this week.

And today Juliet turned 23 months. She is almost TWO! I swear I just had her yesterday.

So while Patsy Ann photos will have to wait, I was lucky enough to snap this photo with my phone this morning. Being house bound means boredom, and to combat boredom we try to mix things up a bit. Both kids wanted a sink bath, and surprisingly they both fit!

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