Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Garden

Each year in the middle of the winter we get sick of being cooped up indoors, so we head to Red Butte Garden in our coats to enjoy what a winter garden has to offer.
The winter garden goer needs to look more carefully, but truly there is beauty all around.
I love seeing the garden carpeted in a thick blanket of snow. The year I was pregnant with Juliet we had the weirdest winter, and there wasn't a patch of snow in sight when we visited the garden. This winter is quite a bit more "wintery".

Lots of deep untouched snow to explore.
James brought his "bee-nok-lee-ers".

For the most part the sky was gray and overcast, but right at the end of our loop some blue sky appeared!

These neon red/orange/yellow branches looked like flames against the bleak winter background.
This girl was feeling tired and grumpy near the end of our loop (more teeth coming in), but when I saw beautiful light I put her in the snow hoping for a smile. I sang "Happy Birthday" trying to illicit one, and near the end she showed me how she knew how to blow out the candles. Sweet babe!
And then she was done. Headed home!
Seeing the winter garden year after year is so wonderful. Want to look back?

2010 - James was a month old!
2011 - One of my favorites. Miss my tiny man.
2012 - Such a weird winter, no snow in sight. And only weeks before Juliet was born.
2013 - Right before Juliet's first birthday.
2014 - today!

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