Friday, January 31, 2014

Books in the living room

We had a few sunny days last week and when there is sun the kids soak it up like cats. One morning they were both looking so especially cute I decided to grab my camera.
Juliet was wearing her first ponytail and she was also trying underpants for the first time. James was so encouraging and kept bring her books. He said "I'm four so I know all these things, but I'll teach you Juliet."

These two sun babies. I love them more than the world.
* Juliet is pretty much 100% potty trained when it comes to poop. I thought I'd put her in underpants and see if peeing in the potty clicked for her. Four pairs of undies later, and she not ever realizing what was coming before it was too late, I decided to give it a few more months. She sure looked cute without a saggy diaper though.

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