Sunday, January 05, 2014

Winter walk

Today is the last day before real life starts again. Since December 23rd, E has been more or less on paid holiday vacation. Sure, he worked two days last week, but those two days felt like a tiny blip in the two and a half weeks of 100% family time.

We've done so much and so little. We've relaxed to the full extent. Many days we never change from our pjs. Lots of those days we still get out, just bundling our snow clothes on top of our jammies.

All last week we were trapped in a yucky cold inversion. But yesterday an inch of snow fell, just enough to clear the air and leave everything fresh and cold. Thank goodness. The inversion is what gets to me more than anything else in the winter.

So this morning we bundled up and went to the park for a little walk. It was quite cold in the shade but perfectly lovely in the sun.

Juliet likes/tolerates the snow and cold about half of the time. We went sledding up the mountains a week ago and she loved it, and then to the very cold Zoo Lights and we didn't hear more than a peep. But today she wasn't feeling it. Thank goodness some freezing cold slide runs cheered her up right before we packed up and headed home for lunch.

She was mad and she wanted Daddy. I tried to calm her but she just got more frustrated that she wasn't in Daddy's arms. Finally Daddy saves the day.
E brought his binoculars and was excited to look for some birds, but as soon as James spotted them he confiscated them and refused to give them back.

Winter berries in the woods.
Near the end of our loop we sent E and Juliet towards a sunny spot and James and I explored the "fox trails" through the woods. This boy is such a fun exploring partner.
And right at the end, even though it was only 19 degrees, the both decided the freezing cold slide was where it's at. Each rode it ten plus times.
Butt frosty.
And the wiggly bridge always delights Juliet. Thank goodness for sun and clear air. We needed it.


  1. Fun times!!! We have gone to that park too! I love that it is a mixture of unimproved nature and has a playground. I hope it warms up a little! Have a great week!

  2. Connie8:50 PM

    Uh, that would be, "they rode it". Never heard of 'ridding' anything except when one gets rid of rodents, or something like that (such as anal editing MILS!)


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