Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ben is in town!

In addition to packing for Japan and everything else going on in my life, Ben came into town for the weekend! I was a little bummed that he chose the weekend E and I were leaving, but oh well. He said no other weekend would work for his schedule. Jo was unable to join him, so that is a bummer. We really miss her.

Ben is awesome to be around, he totally brings a smile to my face. And E laughs around Ben in a different way, somehow more carefree. I love it.

Yesterday I took a half day from work and met Ben, Logan, and E at our new favorite Thai restaurant. After a fantastic meal Ben and I headed to his first of many wedding meetings. The guys stayed back, but Ben asked only me if I could join him, since I had just planned my own wedding not long ago. It was fun listening to options and such, and trying to imagine what Jo will want. Today we might go to Red Butte Gardens and take some photos there, because that is the wedding location they are leaning towards (Ben and Jo's very first date was at Red Butte Gardens).

After getting home from our catering meeting, E and I hosted a party with all the guys. I was overwhelmed at how much I miss this. It has been forever since it was just the guys and myself (Becky was there, but we both feel like one of the guys.) We laughed, BBQed, told way to many dirty jokes, and played a very intense game of Pictonary. When Logan's turn came around to draw Bugs Bunny we all died laughing, this horrid bunny type thing looked scary. Ben guessed "Demented Easter Bunny" and again we rolled laughing until our stomachs hurt.

I miss my best friend too much when he is away.

E, Ben, Logan, Justin and Becky laugh at Logan's horrible dating story. I guess he and his date went to the DMV for some romance...

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