Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think Japan ate my journal

Sorry to be such a downer on my first post of Japan (by the way, Japan is awesome! Tokyo is beautiful, big and crowded!), but last night after my first full day here I looked for my travel journal. I looked and looked and finally came to the realization that it is not here... not in our room at least.

The journal is very special to me, since my husband got it for my last year for my birthday (remember?). There was only one trip documented in it, Grand Cayman, and I am very sad to loose it.

We've called the airport, the airline and other places we think it might have gotten lost. We just hope it turns up.

Please send up your "finding journal" vibes. Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I know how you feel when you lose something very important for you... Hope that you'll find your travel journal:(
    Enjoy your stay in Japan! Tomomi


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