Monday, September 29, 2008

Bird flu, Japan thoughts and changes at home

I have Bird Flu. Actually, when I returned from Japan I got really really sick with a horrible cold, so bad that I could barley talk or think. It is amazing I did my Japan Temple post last week, I remember wanting to die the entire time. Because I had just come home from an Asian country, my family teased me that I must have Bird Flu. At least I'm starting to feel better, other than the persistent sore throat that wants to kill me.

The changes my life is going through at the moment are enormous. I am losing my job due to the bad economy. My company just can't afford to keep me any longer. We were once a 12 person shop, now they are going to be down to four. They are at the bare minimum. It is horrible to lose something I've loved so dearly for the last five years of my life. Five years, that's a long time! I've posted before about my unbelievable office, how much I love looking over the stunning Wasatch Mountains each day from my desk. I hope this will be an opportunity to further my career and not a major road bump.

I've also become quite close friends will each and every one of my co-workers. It is weird to think that I will no longer see these people every day, these people that I've spent more time with than even my family. I will especially miss my boss Steve, who has become a close friend and mentor.

But, alas, I can't stay negative for too long. Japan was so wonderful, and I've only posted little bits about our vacation. Also, my new house is to die for, I just love it. The more time I spend there the more I fall in love. Plus, it is autumn in Utah, the best season of all. The leaves in the canyons have started to change, reds and yellows and oranges. Plus, the sky is clear and blue, not a cloud in the sky.

So, I'll leave you with some really awesome signs we saw in Japan (remember to click the photo for a full sized view):

The first day in Japan I was totally overwhelmed because E needed to work, and I was going to go off on my own. This is what the train map looked like, ack! E taught me how to read it, and luckily I figured it out quickly.
I thought this was the cutest street sign for the firehouse. It was right in front of the fire station. Adorable.
There were these public awareness signs all over Tokyo trying to get people more aware of others, but the English translations and images were so funny! Half of them we didn't even understand. (This one reads "If you're going to read words during rush hour, we wish you'd also read between the lines.)
This was a sign at a temple telling us that the water was safe to drink and wash your hands. Yes, everyone uses the same cup...
Another public awareness sign (they were always printed in green). This one is hilarious!! You must click on it and study it. If anyone can tell me what the old movie projector and "a long time ago" has anything to do with it, you win!

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  1. I think it is meant to say that the cowboy lives on in old movies... and then to emphasis their point more, they labeled the camera as "old" meaning it was filmed a long time ago or took place a long time ago...



    So funny though!aw


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