Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Japan is stunning

We are just getting ready for another day in Japan, today we are headed to Nikko. But before we leave, I'll post a few photos for you to enjoy!

Here is a $105 cantaloupe...
AMAZING tempura dinner.
Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo. In the top level of the pagoda is a bone relic of Buddha.
Prayer drawers at the temple.
Main hall of the temple. The steep roof is at least four stories tall.
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden. A must see, it is glorious.
Tsutenkyo bridge.
E with dinner last night. Shabu shabu, a hot broth where you cook meet, veggies and fish.

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  1. goldgirl8:45 AM

    The pictures are fabulous, we need more. Glad you are having a wonderful time!!!


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