Monday, January 07, 2013

A couple of photos of my children, at home

The air is cold. So cold that the iceles that hung on our home at Christmas time still hang, bigger and greater today. Not even a slight thaw has graced our city. Well below freezing day in and day out, with an inversion (smog that hangs in our valley in winter) so thick that it is advisable that children and elderly don't spend any extended time outside.

So we are inside a lot. The fireplace keeps us toasty warm, and sometimes the sun even cuts through the thick air. We spent the weekend at an indoor swimming pool, a family party, and nestled in our living room.

Today I grew impatient. Impatient to document my sweet children. So I picked up my camera and documented the regular, the day-to-day.

Juliet was napping and James and I played with his Daddy's parking garage in his room. Vintage Fisher Price, still as good as the day it was purchased.
James is very particular about having the correct color car park in the correct color parking spot.

Once Juliet woke she took a sink bath. The sunshine and warm water felt wonderful, I am sure, since the house was chilly.

Her arm rolls are not seen enough in cold weather months. Miss them.
Showing off her new chompers. Sixth one broke through over the weekend!


  1. Darling photos! They make me excited to create these memories for myself. I love reading about the big things, and the small things happening in your life; they make me smile. :) Happy Tuesday.

  2. Connie11:24 AM

    There is simply not an adequate word to describe how much I love these kiddos!


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