Saturday, January 12, 2013

The three day storm

This week it snowed. Glorious deep powdery snow pulled all the inversion out of the air and made me, again, think that Salt Lake City must be the most beautiful city in all of the world.
The snow is deep. And the air is far from mild (mid teens as a high!) so James and I really bundled up.
Snow fell from the air, continuously for more than 48 hours. Big thick heavy flakes covered the just plowed roads and frosted over on our hats.
And as the baby slept we got to work on building an igloo. We started making snow blocks and soon we had a nice wall. Our roof was easy, the patio table. The wall began to wrap its way around the table perimeter.
Around the table we went. As we reached the top of the table height, we began to build a bridge connecting the table and the wall.
Snow bunny Juliet loves the weather, despite the scrunched nose. Once she woke we bundled her up and I wore her in the tummy pack, keeping her nice and warm inside my puffy coat.
James has been so funny lately. He told us the other day "there's a baby growing in Grandpa Chuck's tummy!" Yea, that wasn't awkward at all, since Grandpa Chuck was standing right there.
And this baby girl is so beyond amazing. Whenever E says "I love you" to her, she snuggles her head on his shoulder. Happens every time.

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