Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Instagram update

I adore Instagram. Love it. It is my favorite social media by far, and I've made so many friends there. I take hundreds of photos with my phone and upload 1-6 photos a day.

Posting them all here has become a chore that I do not like. I actually quite despise it. It takes forever. Like more steps than you care to read.

So from now on, I'm going to just post a few favorites, from time to time. When I feel like it. Not weekly, or anything.

And if you want to see more photos of my adorable children, photos I am quite proud of, you'll have to follow me on Instagram @HappierStill.

Here are three small moments within the last week from IG:

Blurry and awesome. This is the face she made when she finally reached her prize: James's foxy.
More ice crystals from the water's edge on our snowshoe adventure. Doesn't surprise me at all that my favorite photo was taken with my phone. iPhone for the win.
As I noted before, James has been so sick. So so sick. He didn't leave bed all day, other than to barf on the carpet. It's a glamorous life, cleaning up barf, holding a baby the entire day that won't sleep (sleep Juliet!), and doing it all alone. Yea, E's been traveling a lot for work and he was gone this week. Sigh.

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