Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mountain escape

The weather has been crummy for a month here in Utah. Below freezing temperatures (well below freezing) and an inversion so thick we can't see the mountains. Two weeks ago we had a lovely storm that cleared the air, but since then we've had nothing.

With inversion comes cold air trapped in the valley. Above the gunk is glorious clean, warmer, amazing air. We needed to find it. We needed to enjoy the outdoors, even in January.

A quick drive up the canyon revealed jewel toned skies, warmer air, and the most amazing sunshine ever. When there is a thick inversion, even the sun doesn't make it though.
Bunny tracks. We pointed them out to James and he said "maybe it was the snuggle bunny Juliet!"
We opted to skip morning nap for Juliet in hopes of a nap on the go. She looks pretty tired, don't you think?
This boy got sick with the tummy bug one day after our mountain adventure. Sickest I've ever seen him, but when caring for someone so helpless, so sick, that is still my baby, after all, the heart grows and I fall deeper in love.
Do you think she's asleep yet? If not yet, soon. She zonked.
Ice crystals near the river's edge.
Throwing snowballs  and watching a big splash. (See, it was warm! I'm not even wearing gloves!)

My favorite picture from the day.
Next weekend, back to the mountains we go.


  1. How beautiful! Looks like lots of fun! :)

  2. Great picture and yes it is stunningly beautiful!

  3. So glad you got up there. It really is one of the best places to be (with or without) this muck in the valley :)


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