Sunday, July 24, 2011

20 months old with Wolfy!

My boy is 20 months, which is pretty much two already. (How could my baby be almost two?! It is unreal.)

James has had an amazing month. Leaps and bounds both mentally and physically. He runs, fast. He spins like a crazy man. He dances, he sings, and he's learning more and more words and starting to repeat. Just the other day at the super market I told him the workers were "busy busy busy" and he happily repeated back "busybusybusy" as fast as he could. This was awesome and one of the first times it has happened.

He also "gets" jokes. He laughs at just the right times when watching cartoons in the morning. Granted, these jokes are written for toddlers, but it is still cool.

He now can tell you what a cow says, a sheep, an owl, a dog, a cat, a firetruck, a car, a pig and a few more. He laughs at just about anything these days and is such a joy to be with.

Eating is still an issue as he is quite picky, but I try to introduce him to new things all the time and not dwell on this fact.

And, just the other day he learned his colors! Brilliant I tell you. E taught him durning bath time. He has a set of baby keys and happily and quite proudly can show you the green, blue, red, orange or yellow key upon asking. He gets so proud.

I love him more with each passing moment. What a great kid he is.

The bump near his eye? Yea, his crazy pre-bed spinning has reached an entirely new crazy level. He's such a goof. Now he spins (while running in little circles) with his head tipped up and squealing in delight. Last night he fell over. Poor little man.
Oh my gosh this kid melts me.
Big smiles are thanks to Dada who was jumping up and down behind me.
James is still a lover of books. Books far surpass any of his other toys by a long shot. His new fave? If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

And from month 1 until now:


  1. Love it!!! I hope there is a wolfy photo when he turns 18, that would be awesome! James is adorable, I love reading your blog and watching him grow!

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    love these posts. it will be so fun for James to look back at these pictures when he gets older! the first picture is my favorite. so sweet

    Aunite Melissa


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