Sunday, July 03, 2011

E turns 30!

We are so busy around these parts. E turned 30 on Friday and months ago I asked him to take the day off work. I had plans.

The day crept closer. E asked for a smoker for his birthday and I happily agreed. Friday morning dawned on us and E still had no idea that a surprise was about to occur.

He knew we were having a big party that night with all his friends and his family. He had been actually been smoking pork for 14 hours in anticipation. He knew we were going to my cabin on Saturday with our friends. He knew we were going to stay busy with secret birthday details, but still he had no idea.

On Friday morning (the day of his birthday) as we sat outside in the early morning playing with our baby our friends arrived. Only our two very best friends.

E looked up, he noticed movement on the driveway. Then he did a double take, a triple take. Ben and Jo stood there smiling with their bags in hand. E looked at me. "Happy Birthday!" with a huge grin.

The next three days have been a whirlwind. So much catching up. So much fun. Only a tiny bit of James showing off. Amazing.

More photos soon. Lots lots more. And don't remember Ben and Jo? We helped with their engagement and hosted their wedding!

E and his best friend. So glad I had enough skymiles to fly them out.
Jo and I.
Connie was really really happy to see Ben and Jo. So surprised. Love it.

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  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    i want more pictures!!!! looks so fun

    Auntie Melissa


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