Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silver Lake x 2

On Wednesday, after our fun playdate with Melissa, a long baby nap and letting James's outfit dry out, we drove up to Silver Lake again. A friend wanted to meet up the mountains to escape the heat of the valley and I was super excited to join her.

I love Silver Lake. It is so perfect for toddlers. The loop around the lake is beyond easy and James and his little friend Sam were in heaven.

Because of the amazing amounts of snowfall this year the lake is still super high and even parts of the boardwalk were flooded. On Saturday I had carried James over the flooded sections and this time I did the same. Upon plopping him down on the other side he immediately ran back into the water and got soaked. Of course.

Sam and James are funny to hike with. I've actually met this friend a couple of times for hiking and there is always one toddler leading the group at an amazing pace (usually James) and the other toddler hanging back and going slowly. During the hike James was happy lead at a fast pace, until about half way through when Sam took off and James lagged behind. So funny. Because of this I didn't get a single photo of the boys together. Next time, there is always next time.

Apparently flooded boardwalks are awesome when you are almost 20 months.
Love his blue green eyes.
Trail running.

Part of the trail was flooded (the boulders form the barrier between the lake and trail), and since we were almost to the end of the loop and James was wearing sandals I decided to let him wade in.
He loved it.
I guess the freezing lake water didn't bother him. I finally had to pick him up and carry him down the trail once he decided to sit down.
Being a good helper and carrying the water bottle. And moose tracks.

And look who I spotted on the way down the canyon. Handsome little coyote.
He took off once he saw I was serious about getting his photo.


  1. I saw that little man like 2 weeks ago and I swear he has gotten bigger!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    love all these pictures!!!!
    but hello! water shed? what is that lil man doing in my drinking water? ha jk

    Auntie Melissa

  3. Love the photos! especially the one where he is walking on the path in the water.


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