Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July!

We had such an amazing, busy incredible weekend. The birthday bliss was just that, bliss. I have so much to blog about. Our cabin trip, our red and blue birthday party, Ben and Jo!, and our sushi meal.

But I'm tired. Having house guests does that to you.

So instead, I want to blog about the 4th of July because yesterday was really wonderful. Ben and Jo left early in the morning, which wasn't wonderful, but a lot of hanging around home, an incredible baby nap (where Mama and Dada also both napped), and a BBQ at E's family's house rounded out the day.

So, I hope these photos tide you over until I get it in gear and blog about our amazing birthday weekend.

James's "Pumpa" (Grandpa) and Granny Con made sure the sandbox was ready to play in. Good thing they did. James loved the thing and happily sat in this exact spot scooping sand and laughing at his uncles for over two hours.
Curled baby toes in the sand. Glad he loved the sandbox so much, he'll be so excited to see the ocean again in a month! We are taking a family trip to the Oregon coast this year.
Joe, E and David were somehow as fascinated by the sand and James. This was the scene all evening.
And James got to see and hold his first ever sparkler! He was mesmerized and wanted to touch it. Nothing an adept Mama couldn't handle. I just pinched his hands together around the handle until the sparkler had burnt out (all while taking these photos with the other hand!).
I really love these shots.
After the baby was in bed E's mom and siblings joined us on our front lawn for a fireworks show. So much fun. And what is amazing? James slept through the entire thing, and some of these are loud!

Each year we have a tank war where were each customize a tank firework. This year was bigger and badder than ever. I was declared the winner! First time ever!
Tank war in session. Happy 4th!


  1. Wonderful photos, as usual! I love how the guys loved the sandbox as much as James, that is a great shot!

    James is so cute with the sparkler. Great idea about holding his hands. We have yet to try sparklers with the kids. We will have to do it next year!

  2. A TANK WAR! Awesome idea! Can you tell I'm catching up on posts? I think they keep getting better and better. Great photos, great friends/family, great stories!



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