Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liberty Park with Auntie Melissa

Last Wednesday was a super busy day. We had a playdate with Auntie Melissa in the morning and another with a friend who has a son James's age that afternoon. Good thing he was wearing his new adorable Super Grover shirt. (Remember, James LOVES Grover? Every time he saw the shirt in a reflection he'd stop to say "Grover!" or what he thinks is Grover, which is "Occhhooggg")

Liberty Park is one of Salt Lake's beautiful city parks. It is one that I don't take James to nearly enough, and after our extremely fun morning with Melissa, I was kicking myself for not taking him more often. I think we'll go a handful more times this summer.

Why did I not get any photos of James and his beautiful auntie? I have no idea. Sometimes I come home and look at my photos and kick myself for not getting something so obvious. Next time Meliss, I promise.

There was this silver tube in the toddler playground that James loved. He'd run around it, and crawl through, run around and crawl through. Like 15 times in a row.
And then he noticed the splash pad... oh my. Once he noticed this there was no hope of him being dry for even a moment longer.
Is this photo of Melissa's just too cute? Tongue out and everything.
Once it was time to leave James was freezing. I tried removing his wet shirt to help him warm up but he was sad to leave such an awesome park. I told him we'd be back soon. He was not happy. I'm so glad Melissa took this picture of him looking longingly over my shoulder.


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    such a fun day!!!! lets go back there soon!

    Auntie Melissa

  2. I love that Grover shirt! :)


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