Saturday, July 09, 2011

The cabin {More birthday fun!}

Oh my.

We were busy last weekend. So after the amazing red and blue party, E and I, and some of our friends woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to head up to my cabin. The road over Guardsman's pass is still closed due to an amazing amount of snow still in the mountains, so we headed up towards Park City, over the summit and down into the beautiful valley where my cabin is located.

Only about half the people that joined us had ever been to my cabin, so I was super excited to show it off to the other half.

We arrived and found that the driveway was a river. I've heard about this all my life, going up in the early summer when the snow is just melting off, and everything being wet and muddy.

We slowly approached and found that the entire patio was still covered with two feet of snow and ice! No worries, everyone was happy to be in the woods and the snow didn't seem to bother anybody.

We took a walk down to the meadow, where we mostly were slipping and sliding on snow, told way too many dirty jokes, and really had a good time. Soon E took everyone on a trek through the woods while I took James back to the cabin for a nap. Originally we were thinking of taking everyone up to the lake, but the mountain was just too snowy. I've never seen it like this so late in the season.

James woke happy and refreshed and the crew returned from their hike. We all sat on the 3' x 6' area of the patio that was clear of snow. We talked. We ate lunch. We caught up on life. We laughed and laughed.

James was having a blast being the center of attention, dipping his toes in the freezing melt-off, and laughing hysterically at his Dada when E kicked the snow. So seriously cute.

Since there wasn't a lot of exploring that could be done with the snow as high as it was, we decided to pack up around 4:00 and head back towards Park City to stop at our favorite pub for beer and appetizers. We sat outside drinking and chatting. We devoured super spicy hot wings, we laughed at James and really had a fantastic afternoon.

My entire life "our meadow" has always looked the same. Big concrete pipe in the middle, nobody but us. Now there is a road through our meadow and the pipe I've always loved to sit on is buried. The change makes me so sad.
Hanging out on the road instead of on the pipe. Oh wait! Justin found the end of it. Yea! There is hope.
The ground that wasn't covered in snow was flooded and blooming.
I love that James is looking up towards E in this photo. They spent a lot of time exploring over the snow hand in hand.
Melt-off next to the cabin. Lots of water!
Jo is so good at getting group photos. I never seem to get my act together enough to get one. Thanks Jo for this one! Just wish you were in it.
Ow! That water is cold! This little stream is on the path to the front door! And notice the snow in the background.
Also, today is my five year wedding anniversary! Today we have such a fun day planned. Can't wait to blog all about it. Happy five years to the man I love. Five years ago I only hoped I'd be as happy as I am today. Life is good.


  1. I am a very lucky dad to have such a loving and respectful man be the loving husband to my oldest daughter, Jssica. Thank you Ethan.

  2. What cool photos! What a great adventure! I love your top! Where did you get it?!


  3. My shirt is from Old Navy. I love it too. :)


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