Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9th: Family Holiday

One of the blogs I read gave me this amazing idea: make your wedding anniversary a family holiday. Yes, it is a holiday mostly for just you and your spouse, but the idea was to teach children about the importance of marriage by making a big deal out of the day you were married. Take the day off work, plan something fun in advance, and really make it feel like a holiday.

Since July 9th fell on a Saturday this year E didn't need to take the day off, but we did plan a day full of fun things and tell James that five years ago today, his Mama and Dada got married. And E and I kissed a lot, which James thinks is the funniest thing ever.

We woke up bright and early and E and James got right to work making our favorite breakfast ever: German Pancakes. These puff pancakes are a snap, and served with powdered sugar and a lemon squeeze, well, there is nothing better. Even the smallest pickiest eater loves these!

Helping Dada in the kitchen. (Is this not the sweetest photo ever? Yes, I think so too.)
After a nice long nap, where everyone slept, we went up the mountains to the Silver Lake boardwalk. We were so excited to take James back here, since we knew the simple half mile walk would be a snap for our little hiker.

We were right.

He was in heaven. The little rivers of snow melt, the dense pine forest and the nearly flat path was baby heaven. We will be going back soon.

The the shaded pine forest the snow was melting at an amazing rate. The little rivers that were formed are toddler heaven. James could have spent an entire day just playing in these tiny streams.
Love this shot. So reminiscent of childhood.

That night, after putting a very tired boy to bed, E and I got a sitter and went up to Log Haven, one of our favorite restaurants in the state. DIVINE. We ate, we laughed and we ate some more. Full Log Haven post coming soon. We have some more eating to do before I do an all-encompassing eating, celebrating, and eating some more post. Yum!

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