Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter 7 review

Please please don't read on if you have not finished the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There are major spoilers ahead, you've been warned!

So, onto my review, I loved it. I really did. However, in the middle of the book I was really disappointed. I felt like everything I loved from the previous six books was missing, I missed Hogwarts, Snape, the Weasly's and so on. I felt like I was reading 100 pages of Harry getting more and more angry, and as it happened, I got more and more disappointed. I wanted to learn more about Dumbledore, more about Snape, more about Ginny, and everything was just wrong. Then, things started moving again once Harry saw the doe in the forest. I was so happy that Ron came back, saved Harry and we finally saw how much he loved Hermione. It was wonderful when Harry told him he didn't love Hermione, because obviously Ron always had doubts.

I thought the Gringots Bank chapter was a little over the top, but all in all it was good. I loved the Malfoy Manor chapter, talk about intense!!! I was so scared and sad for Hermione, all because she was Muggle born (good job, by the way, Jo for showing us just how horrific things like Nazism really was). I loved learning more about Snape, I think that The Prince's Tale was my favorite chapter in the entire book. Snape always has been by far my favorite character, he is fascinating. I loved when Ron and Hermione finally kissed once Ron mentioned the elfs. That is so sweet!

When we found out that Harry was actually a horcrux I was horrified but not surprised. I did not skip to the end of the book, so I really didn't know if Harry would live or die. I cried when he walked into the woods and he finally figured out what the snitch did. Lily standing next to him was so very sad.

It is fun that Ron and Hermione and Ginny and Harry had children around the same time, after all, their children are cousins! (Also, wouldn't it be fun to have George as an uncle??)

And some questions,
Where there eight horcruxes because Harry ended up being one?
I missed where the sword came back into play, how did Nevil get it?
Why didn't Harry and Ginny name one of their children Fred? Ginny lost a family member to Voldormot, but they don't name a child after him.

And some things I wish got answered,
What is the room in the Ministry that is locked (remember from the 5th book, a room the gang can't get into).
I wanted to learn more about the veil that Sirus fell through.
Just how has Dumbledore been keeping such a close eye on Harry? He was the transfiguration teacher for years, doesn't it make sense that he is an animangi?
Where did Fawks go after Dumbledore's death?

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