Sunday, July 08, 2007

Long day's hike, and I've been working like a dog

Saturday E and I were feeling energetic, so we decided take a long day long hike with friends. Luckily Ben and David were both up for it, even though Salt Lake Valley was experiencing record breaking heat. We started out fairly early and started powering up the trail head towards Lake Mary. The reason for this insanity? E and I decided (after some fretting) that we were going to join my aunt and uncle and two cousins on a serious backpacking trip in the Tetons later this month.

After reaching the lake is pretty good time we continued, we were hoping to make it to Sunrise Peak before lunch time. Everyone was happy to keep a steady pace up the mountain, E and I were trying to get in shape for the Tetons, and Ben and David were just trying to get in shape.

After a few breaks, some photos, and very tired legs we made it to our destination: Sunrise Peak. I love the feeling you get when you stand on top of a mountain you just climbed. Everyone should get that experience once in their life.

So we sat down, had some lunch, and chatted while looking at four alpine lakes below us and beautiful views all around.

On the way back we spotted a male moose cooling off in Lake Cathrine. I was eager to get closer, and the trail winded his way, so I approached slowly. E was furious with me, feeling I was, again, taking unnecessary risks (remember this post?). I felt there was not much risk, I was still 50 yards away from the moose, and he seemed content to hang out in the lake.

Well after a small disagreement where we decided I should be more careful, and he should not worry so much we continued down the trail.

By the end we had very sore feet and tired legs. E and I went home and did our favorite thing, take a long nap!

After we woke from our nap we met Logan, Ben and Yoko for dinner and a movie. We decided to go see Micheal Moore's new film, Sicko. It was fantastic. We all agreed that Moore presented only one side of the debate (which he is prone to do), however, I have felt the US has needed Socialized heath care for ages.

We we stayed up at Ben's way too late discussing Bush, heath care, moving to France, and the corruption of the US government.

I urge everyone to see Sicko, even if you are on the other side of the debate. It is quite interesting.

Today was also a great day, but I will post about it tomorrow, which is my one year anniversary with my sweet hubby!

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