Monday, July 23, 2007

My husband is a gourmet chef

My husband has turned into a gourmet chef. I guess E has always been an amazing grill master, and baker, but now he has another specialty, dutch ovens. We experimented with dutch oven cooking a few weeks ago at my cabin, and E enjoyed it so much he asked for his own dutch oven for his birthday. Well he got one, and now he's on a roll. He's researched recipes, and how to care for a dutch oven, and even gone as far as buying a special carrying case.

So, we went down to the farmhouse this weekend with Ben and E's family. E was ready to try his hand at peach cobbler and we were going to make chipotle enchiladas again. Well after about an hour of cooking both turned out fantastically. Plus, I think Ben had a fun time down there, which was important.

On Sunday we did some geocaching (don't know what this is? Check here) and ended up finding four, which was quite fun. The last geocache of the day was up in the mountains near a beautiful lake. And at one geocache E and I found a travel bug, a little dog toy that wanted to go to England. So, I guess on the way to England we'll have a travel doll, a travel bug, a travel Chuckanucka and us. Boy, that is a lot of travelers.

Oh, and review on Harry Potter so far, it is good, but I was bummed out with about 100 pages near the middle. However, the chapter called Malfoy's Manor made up for it, that was a page turner!

Ben, E and Chelsea find the last geocache near a mountain lake.

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