Monday, July 09, 2007

One year with my honey bug

Today E and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Although we've only been married for one year, we've been together for eight and a half years. That is quite awhile!

To celebrate we are doing all the traditional things newlyweds do on their first year, like eat wedding cake that has freezer burn, indulge by going out to eat and give each other fun gifts.

So, yesterday E and I went up to Alta Lodge for brunch to celebrate this first year together. Alta brunch was my parent's tradition, so it was nice to use the same thing (however E and I don't want to follow their tradition of divorce). We had the yummiest food imaginable. All you could eat from a cold salad bar where they had seafood salad, Italian bread salad, crab and pineapple salad, and about 20 other choices. Then you could get goodies fresh from the kitchen including my two favorites, Eggs Benedict and fresh scones! Also there was the hot food bar where there was curry, bacon, eggs, and E's favorite, cheese blintzes.

During our HUGE brunch we exchanged gifts. I thought it would be fun to follow traditional wedding anniversary gift traditions (as can be seen here), so this year was paper. This made the gift giving fun because both of us had to be creative and think of something special that was paper. So what did we give each other? I gave E tickets to a outdoor Symphony in Deer Valley for later this summer. I knew this would be a huge hit because E is crazy about classical music, and watching the Utah Symphony under the stars sounds wonderful. But it gets better, because it is an outdoor symphony we can bring blankets, wine and dinner to the show. So E's gift also includes wine, cheese, fruit, crackers, and other goodies that we can snack on. Needless to say, E was happy with the gift.

And E got me something even more wonderful, a gift certificate to a traditional Japanese Spa here in Utah! Even typing this makes me smile. E went all out and got me the traditional Ofuro bath where I can taste Japanese tea while I sit in "infused bath waters". After the bath I will be pampered some more and receive an hour long signature massage. Even thinking about it makes my shoulders relax, I can't wait!

So, next year's tradition is cotton, any ideas?

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  1. I can't believe you guys have been together for 8 1/2 years and its been one year since you wedding. Happy Anniversary!!!


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