Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Mania!

Today, right after work I am seeing the 5th installment of Harry Potter! The movies are quite exciting, but nothing compared to the books. The books are fantastic, the movies are fun if you are into the books.

Here is a review I wrote for the Harry Potter books on another website the other day:
Harry Potter was something I resisted for a long time, I don't like fads. Boy was I mistaken. These books are fun to read, easy to get through and addictive. If you've thought "I don't like fantasy" or "it sounds too much like Lord of the Rings" you might be right. This is what I thought too. However these books have turned out to be my favorites of all time, and I re-read them again and again. Enjoy!

So, in preparation for the movie tonight I give you some of my favorite scenes from the books that will now be shown on the sliver screen (isn't it fun to see how different people imagined the scenes you've always loved?)

Harry and Arthur visit the ministry for Harry's hearing:

Harry suffers through detention with evil evil Umbridge:

And then the DA is formed! The Room of Requirement looks kick ass!

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