Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Above, E in a field of wildflowers on the way up. Yes, dandelions are wildflowers.
Below, me in the hot springs. Don't I look relaxed? The water was deliciously warm!
E and I decided not to go camping over the long weekend, but instead head to the farmhouse for Memorial Day. On Saturday, before arriving in Sanpete County, we decided to do a hike that I haven't done for years, up to Fifth Water Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon. Diamond Fork Canyon is on our route to the farmhouse, however, we've never stopped in all the years we've been going down there.

Well on Saturday I finally convinced E to join me on this hike I've loved since I was a little girl. We arrived at the trail head around 1:00 to gray skies and spitting rain. We decided to go for it, and headed up the trail. Luckily, I was feeling energized, because ever since I've been pregnant, some days I'm totally drained. We conquered the 2.25 mile trail in no time and were soon at the springs. I held up a towel while E changed and he did the same for me.

We slipped into the hot water at the base of a raging waterfall. The main river is not warm at all, but the hot springs mix with the cold mountain water and make wonderful tubs varying in temperature from quite hot to lukewarm. Being pregnant, I never got in the super hot water, instead enjoyed water that was the temperature of a nice bath. E and I relaxed there for awhile and the rain started to pick up, it was so fun being in the middle of the woods with a ranging waterfall next to you, sitting in some natural hot tubs all while it was raining.

After awhile E and I got out, dried off and changed back into our clothes. The 2.25 mile hike back was rain free and great. The time flew by because E and I talked about or favorite subject of all: travel.

Check out the lower pools. Don't these look amazing?


  1. That looks amazing!

  2. Nice photos. You should check out Tofino Hot Springs in Canada. Hot Springs on the Pacific! Short video:


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