Friday, May 08, 2009

Life in the garden

Every day I try to spend at least two hours in the garden. When we moved into our house last fall the backyard was an open canvas, and E and I were excited to plan it and plant it. Since the very earliest days of spring I've been digging up grass, moving dirt, pulling up a pesky garden liner, and staying quite busy. In the last two weeks, between the major rain, I've been planting the first of our many planned plants. I've planted hostas, violets, ornamental grasses, ground cover, a lilac bush, my entire veggie garden and much more. In the coming weeks I have a few online orders arriving. We ordered bamboo (what's an Asian garden without bamboo?), more ornamental grasses and some more beautiful ground cover. Every day, while I work and enjoy my little garden, I realize how much I've always dreamed of this. I've always wanted a garden that I could plan myself, and enjoy every single day. Don't worry, I'll take some wide shots of the yard when more is complete.

I transplanted our Japanese Maple this spring. E didn't like the location I planted it in last fall, and I have to agree the new location is great. Just this week the leaves uncurled. They are so pretty in a light breeze.
Our Buddha quietly meditating under a tree.
Isn't this ground cover neat? i don't remember the type, but it looks so stunning when the light filters through the trees.
Above -roof in shadow on our Japanese lantern, gnome guarding the newly sprouted lettuce in the veggie patch, and our other new tree, a crab apple, is blooming this week.

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