Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I officially reached my second trimester!

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant, which means, I finally reached my second trimester! The first trimester is a tough one, in addition to feeling sick and gross (I felt both, but luckily my symptoms were minor), you also have to worry about miscarriage. Now that I've reached 14 weeks though, I will start to feel better and will start to look pregnant!

I'm still not showing much, as of 14 weeks. My pants and shorts are definitely snug, and I'm looking thicker around the waist, but I don't have a little baby belly yet.

Lots of people have asked us if we've thought about names at all, and the answer it yes. Our top three boy names are James, Elliot and Jackson. Our top three girl names are Isabelle/Isabella, Rachel and Lily. I am most partial to James and Rachel, since they our mine and E's middle names, but we'll see how things play out. I also really like Malia, which is Obama's oldest daughter's name. It is adorable, and I might convince E to pull that name into the top group.

This week Baby November is the size of a lemon and already has his/her unique fingerprints. Go figure.

As far as cravings? I've been craving Mexican food now for a few weeks, nothing tastes better than chips and salsa. Also, Big Macs. I don't know if McDonald's specially formulates these for pregnant women, but honestly, they taste like heaven on a bun, plus the french fries aren't bad either. Luckily my appetite isn't huge, otherwise I'd be gaining weight like crazy, but so far I've dropped a pound.

Over the next few weeks I'll start showing a little bit more belly and also feeling a lot better. The pesky headaches and fatigue should fade now that I'm into my second trimester. Plus, I had a great job interview last week, so I might be a working Mama!

Here is a photo E took of my exploring the Tintic Mill on Saturday. Notice, I do have a little belly, but not much. I'm still able to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes! I am excited to start showing a little, but in all honestly, I'm scared too. I've had the same body since high school, for the most part, I'm scared to see it change.

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  1. Very exciting! I can't believe the months are passing so quickly. That baby will be here before you know it!! My vote is for Jackson and Isabella, somehow Isabella reminds me of all of your fancy traveling ;)


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